Martin Flory Group Public Relations & Product Promotion "Martin Flory Group is the best kept secret in the industry! We receive constant PR coverage across the entire world of marine publications, resulting in elevated brand awareness and sales growth." – Shurhold Industries Martin Flory Group Public Relations & Product Promotion "You are true professionals who are obviously well-respected in the industry. Without your help, we would not have the recreational and commercial marine exposure that we have today." – Hella marine USA Martin Flory Group Public Relations & Product Promotion "I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Martin Flory Group's services. We get great media coverage every month at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising." – Accon Marine

Why Public Relations?

Whether you're launching a new company or celebrating a century of business, your products and services have competitive advantages. But you're missing huge sales opportunities if you don't spread the word about them.

The solution is a targeted public relations program, the most cost-efficient, effective way to generate visibility to help grow your business. PR is more than just an image builder. It's part of your sales efforts.

Sharing the right news and stories with the media results in editorial coverage about your products and company that positions your business as engaged, innovative and thriving—to attract customers. Editorial coverage is more credible than advertising and other paid content because it's the media telling your story, not you. And it can be prolific—a single press release can trigger stories in many digital and print media outlets.

You have more to promote than you think. In the crowded media marketplace, how is your voice being heard?

How You Benefit

Martin Flory Group has helped hundreds of companies focus their message and amplify their voice in the recreational and commercial marine, and outdoor and RV markets. Our respected relationships with digital and print media editors, as well as freelance writers, generate widespread, credible editorial coverage.

You benefit from our professional assessment of your products and activities to identify the abundance of relevant, newsworthy topics to publicize. We structure your PR program for a timed, consistent flow of information to the media. We write press releases in ways editors favor, ensure the relevant contacts receive your messages, and maintain our reputation of excellence with quick and thorough support.

The resulting news items and stories in multiple national and regional media outlets reaches an impressive audience of potential customers. Because PR is an ongoing process, the regular sequence of press releases results in consistent yet varied editorial attention that gives your company sales-enhancing visibility. We also guide you in ways to use your press releases and the resulting media coverage directly as sales tools, further increasing the value of PR.

Who We Are

Martin Flory Group is a small business with deep roots and a respected reputation in the global marketplace. Our team's experience spans decades in the areas of business, journalism, marketing, boating and outdoor recreation.

We are closely connected to the industry through many associations, including Boating Writers International and the Outdoor Writers Association of America. We also belong to or have relationships with many industry organizations such as NMMA, NMRA, NMDA, MRAA, NMEA, AMI and others.

In addition to our daily interactions with the media, we attend major industry trade shows worldwide to represent our clients to the journalists there. We also interact regularly with manufacturers, boatbuilders, distributors, reps, dealers and marina operators on various projects for our clients. We utilize all our resources and connections to support your business goals.

Marine, RV and Outdoor Markets

Martin Flory Group has specialized in public relations in the recreational and commercial marine, RV and outdoor markets since 1962. We focus on promoting your products, services and company news through our respected media relationships to generate editorial stories. The resulting credible coverage in consumer and trade-oriented digital and print media raises your company's visibility. It's designed to support your sales efforts and help you grow.

Domestic or International Programs

Tailored to match your current business as well as address your growth goals, you can choose from North American or International PR programs. Many clients combine them for a unified global message. We help the media understand where your products can be found worldwide—or, if you're just beginning to build a sales network, publicize opportunities for growth.

Services for Any Size Company

Martin Flory Group is proud to have among its clients companies ranging from small family businesses to global corporations located throughout the world. Many of our client relationships span 10 years or more. Whether we fulfill the role of your PR department, or support your existing marketing team, you benefit from our cost-effective approach designed to maximize results with minimum budgets.